Center for information and advice for health services in the field of oncology, vascular surgery, diabetes, gangrene and immunology

By its plan and program, the Center predicts expanding of its activities regarding the engagement of the doctors from Cuba in the areas: ONCOLOGY, VASCULAR SURGERY, in the specialty of ANGIOLOGY, with the problem of DIABETES FEET- GANGRENE of diabetes origin and IMMUNOLOGY. We will have services in these specialties in the way that we will be in the constant contact with the most significant doctors from all the university clinics in Havana.

clinica-central-cira-garcia-cuba-havanaThe plan is that we first send the documentation of the patients for the consultation with the doctors who are constantly engaged and who have the contracts about business-technical cooperation with our Center. The treating of Cuban medicines on the patients who enter the program of medical tourism will be done by the same doctors who have been engaged since the first consultations to the final cure or the chosen doctors from our country that are trained and well informed about prescribing and effects of Cuban pharmaceutical products.

All the patients who would be not able to be treated in our health institution will be directed to the Cuban clinic for foreigners “Clinica Central Cira Garcia” with which we have the contract of business and technical cooperation with which we will also cooperate in other specialties of medicine in which they have trained experts.

Besides the clinic “Clinica Central Cira Garcia” which treats all the illnesses, not only oncological problems, we had a great honor to make a technical cooperation with their best known scientific and research clinic for oncological  diseases “La Pradera”   in which Hugo Chavez (the president of Venezuela) himself was treated. In the specialty of oncology we have the contacts at the scientific institute “CIMAB S.A.” – Institute for molecular immunology where the accent is on the production of pharmaceuticals against cancer, for now the well known “CIMAVAKS EGF” against lung cancer and “CIMAHER” which is against the cerebral cancer. We have also made cooperation with their extremely strong pharmaceutical company “HEBER BIOTEC S.A.

From the moment when you decide to be our patient, you can lean on us. Honesty and reliability of this health institution will be the rule number one. To regain one’s health and improve the quality of life are key factors in our objectives, and our main politics is that you feel cared and satisfied with our treatment.

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