PILATROFINA – shampoo and hair lotion on the basis of placenta

Lotion and shampoo Pilotrofina for regeneration and growth of hair, improves blood supply of a scalp, regulates sebaceous secretion and helps in recovering normal hair color.

The lotion and the shampoo are not medicines for baldness.


seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia (universal, isata, androgen) and skin psoriasis.


Apply Pilotrofina lotion with cotton wool once a day, rug gently all over the scalp back and forth. For better results expose the scalp to the radiation of infrared lamp  150-250W on the distance of 40 cm for 30 minutes. Do not look directly to the infrared light because it is harmful for eyes.

It is recommended to wash hair with the placenta Shampoo twice a week in the intervals of three days.


200 ml. Plastic bottle


Fraction of human placenta dissolved in ethanol (90 grades).


Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, Havana, Cuba

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